I Quit.

You guys I did it… I quit my job. My hands are actually shaking as I type this because I can’t believe it’s true. 

You know when you’re in a bad relationship and you know it’s kind of bad but you’re in denial about how bad it actually is? I’m pretty sure I was THAT person, and if it hadn’t been for my very dear friend who helped to get me out of it, I would still be in that bad relationship. (Well, technically I still am, but I put my two weeks in so in my mind, I’m DONE). 
I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty about my job, but basically I wasn’t being challenged and I certainly wasn’t excited about the work I was doing. I was a recruiter, and while I didn’t necessarily hate that part of it, the simple fact was that I wasn’t busy enough. I know many people would wonder what’s so bad about that, and may even wish that they could trade me places because being bored is better than being crazy busy. Well, yes, but being bored for a year straight is seriously detrimental to one’s happiness and health. Some days I would just stare at the computer screen for what felt like forever, usually while eating tortilla chips straight from the bag because there was nothing that needed to be done. I lost brain cells people, and I can’t afford to lose brain cells!
So what took me so long to leave? Gosh, what a great question! I wasn’t going to leave because my company is traveling to Texas for business soon and I wanted to be there for that. Not because I’m dying to go to Texas or anything, but because I didn’t want my boss to have to go by herself. So I guess you could say I was being a little too considerate of other people and not thinking of my own needs. …which is weird, because usually I’m pretty selfish. IT MAKES NO SENSE.
I think I also stayed so long because I was searching for the “perfect” next job. I’ve got news for you: you’re never going to find your “perfect” job if you don’t try out a couple of jobs first. How do you know what you’re supposed to do if you just stay at the same place forever? You won’t. Get a job somewhere, work really hard at it, and if you hate it, quit and try something else. Easier said than done, but I think a lot of people (myself included) could benefit from that concept.
So what is this new job I speak of? I will be working at a marketing agency, specifically marketing and outreach for two Pittsburgh chiropractic offices. Essentially, I’ll be telling people how the chiropractor can help them and when and why they might consider seeing one. Who ever thought I’d be able to use my back pain for good? I sure didn’t! Needless to say, I’m excited for a new beginning :)

NewImageMy advice for anyone graduating from college: it’s ok to be job-less for a little bit. Well, you should probably have some sort of job, but even if it’s waiting tables for a short period of time, that’s OK! It had been hammered into my head that it was tough to land a job out of college, so I took the first thing that came my way. I don’t necessarily blame myself, but now that I’m older and wiser (ha!), I definitely would have applied to more places and taken my time finding a job that I would enjoy, rather than any ole job just to say that I “found a job”.  

Phew, I’m glad I got that off my chest. To answer  your (not-so-burning) question: yes, I will still be blogging. I don’t think I could give TAE up even if I tried. A little break maybe, but to break up with my blog? Never. I’m anxious to start something new and excited to tell you all about it when I do! 
Now, I’m off to DC–enjoy your 3-day weekend :)
Q: What was your first job out of college? How long did it take you to get a job out of college? Have you ever quit a job? 

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