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Turkey Sandwich Skewers

Author: The Almond Eater


  • Turkey deli meat
  • Cubed cheese I used dolby-jack
  • Tomatoes cherry or grape, sliced
  • Romaine lettuce broken into bite-size pieces
  • Dave's Killer Bread Good Seed variety, cut into bite-size pieces


  • Place ingredients in somewhat of an assembly line and begin putting the sandwich skewers together.
  • Technically, the order doesn't matter, but I did bread, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato.
  • Enjoy!


**The amount of ingredients you will need will vary greatly depending on how many skewers you're making. For each individual skewer, I used 4 pieces of bread (pieces, not slices), 1 slice of turkey meat (cut into thirds), 3 cubes of cheese, 1 tomato (cut into thirds), and 2 pieces of lettuce