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Hi guys! Soooo this post is going up a LOT later than I had planned buuuut that’s ok. TGIF is all I gotta say. Tonight I’m hanging out with some friends and tomorrow and Sunday I’m spending time with the fam! :)

So I was thinking the other day about how many people (including myself) create workout playlists and post them on their blog. You know, as music inspiration for others. Well that’s great and all, but lately I haven’t been listening to music when I workout. *GASP!* Yes, I’ve somehow gotten used to (and have even come to enjoy?) the silence when I workout. I don’t know maybe I like hearing how out of breath I get while doing burpees–WHO KNOWS–but that’s what I’ve been enjoying lately.
Though I may not be jamming out at the gym, you better believe I’m always jamming out in my kitchen. There’s no way I can conjure up recipes in silence..oooooh no, no, no. So today I’ve created a kitchen playlist. It’s a pretty good mix between pop hits, hipster tunes and oldies (read: 90s music), if you ask me. 

Kitchen Playlist

Now one thing I want to do before ending this post is present a few awesome blogs that I’ve recently discovered though the #ImFitPossible community :) A little #FF if you will: 
Oh and while you’re at it, go ahead and give these ladies a “like” on Facebook :) 
Short and sweet today I know but I hope you all have a great weekend! 
Q: Do you listen to music while you cook/bake? 
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    I don’t listen to music enough when I’m in the kitchen… it definitely makes it even more fun though! Keep the playlists coming girl, I’m going to use this one this weekend!

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    First song N’Sync, LOVE! I dont listen to music while i work out bit my gym usually has music going and i like that. I especially love listening to music while i’m in the kitchen. My dad actually installed speakers in our kitchen ceiling because he loves to cook and listen to the radio. I love it!

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