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May is quickly approaching which got me to thinking about my life one year ago at this time. One year ago I was graduating college and anxiously thinking about my future. 

I think it’s common to think about the future and what it’s going to entail. When I was in high school, I would think about college. When I was in college, I would think about what kind of job I would get after graduation. Now that I’m a working professional, I still think about the future. Where will I be in five years from now? Will I still be doing the same thing? Where will my blog look like? Will I still have the same friends, or new ones? <<hopefully both! I think a lot of people constantly wish for the future and yeah, I used to be one of those people. I think what’s really important is focusing on the now, because the now was once the future you were wishing for.


I think it can be hard not to think about the future and I don’t think you should stop thinking about it, but appreciating all that you have today, right now, is so important. Like what? Right now I am happy for…

My health, my family and friends’ health, the fact that I have a job, to not only live in a wonderful apartment but also with a wonderful boyfriend.


Everyone has something in their life right now that they are thankful for, along with something that they wish they could change. Wishing that you could fast forward time isn’t going to make anything better and once something is gone, it’s gone. You’re in high school wishing it could just be over and in a blink of an eye, it is. As much as I sometimes wish I was 27 with my life “figured out”, I’m pretty sure I won’t have it figured out at 27. Or maybe I will, who knows. It may sound corny, but life is all about the journey, and what a journey it is to be fresh out of college trying to figure the world out. That’s life, that’s RIGHT NOW, and I’m loving it.

Q: What are you enjoying about life right now? 

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    Love this. So at 23-24 I totally wanted to be 30 and have it all figured out. Now I’m just embracing not having it figured out/having it together. And I’m so much happier being excited about the little things rather than worrying about where I’m going to be in 5-6 years.

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    It’s so important to stay aware of the present. I guess at one point or another we’re all wishing it away and assuming the future will bring us something we want but don’t yet have, but ultimately, it’s focusing on the present and loving it that will make the future what we want it to be. I’m so guilty of always thinking ahead but then I think about the fact that the present ain’t so bad! And then it starts again. Baby steps!

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    You are so right, we really have to appreciate what we have right now!

    Right now I’m loving my little break from leading my youth group. I love our kids but it’s good to have a 2 week break to refresh between our 10 week terms!

    I’m also loving the double up of long weekends we’re having here – it was totally lush only working 3 days last week haha

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    I really love this post! I’ve spent most of my life stressing about “what I want to be when I grow up” and I finally decided to stop worrying so much and just enjoy my life day by day. I think blogging has really helped me expand my perspective to see what is out there. I’ve stumbled upon so many great blogs and it made me realize that there are so many different things I could do to enjoy my life. Thanks for sharing this post! I really enjoyed it!

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    Great post, lady! I am 100% a type A planner, so I like to try and pre-plan my life…and it never, ever turns out the way I think it’s going to. So why bother? There’s a lot of uncertainty right now in terms of job prospects and the like, but I’m just trying to take it easy and enjoy it – things will sort themselves out.

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    I totally agree, and I had a very similar post this week because this has been on my mind! I can’t help but think it’s not really our fault that we can’t be happy in the moment. As Americans we have been raised to work our tails off and always strive for “bigger and better”. It’s really difficult to resist this mentality and be happy with what you have already accomplished. I know I struggle with it sometimesbut I’m working to overcome it!

    P.S. Oh, and I don’t have it figured out yet and I’m halfway through my 27th year 😉

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    I stopped worrying about the future when I realized that the world laughed at all the plans I made, and that most of what ended up happening happened without me really doing anything. that’s kind of a maddening thought to my Type A personality, but it’s also incredibly freeing. I freaking love life. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. It’s all fabulous. Yes, crap happens and some days are worse than others, but even the bad stuff serves a good purpose, even if we can’t see it at the time.

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    Sounds like we are totally in the same life boat right now.. I also graduated college around this time last year and I also find myself thinking about (ok, also obsessing about) the future and wanting to know what a more “settled” life will look like. I know it’s tempting to do that, but it’s so true that we have to live in the present moment and soak up everything we can. That’s all we have, after all… The moment that we live in. Yoga and meditation certainly help me get more grounded in that. Great post!

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    This is SO what I needed to read. Obviously I am thinking a ton about the future. It all changes for me in 10 days and I still have no real path to follow. It’s hard for me to be super happy right now because of all of that, and yet I think I still am overall pretty content. I have great friends here, a wonderful family eagerly awaiting my arrival home, and I just need to have a good time in the short few days I have left in Athens. <3

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    I am SO grateful for everything in my life right now. I spent the first 1.5 after grad trying to figure out and plan my life. The second I stopped everything just fell into place. I am incredibly fortunate and any time I complain I have to remind myself that I wake up each day feeling excited and not dreading the hours to come!

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    I love this! I definitely need to be better at living in the now. We always talk about “in five years we’ll be doing ….” but it’s best to enjoy the moment. I’m currently enjoying drinking a cup of hot tea in my giant pottery mug with my puppy at my feet.

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    I’m going through some self-induced stress right now where I’m letting myself worry about things that aren’t really that important. Funny that you can know you’re making mountains out of mole hills and still be stressed about it. Oh, I’m 27 and I still don’t have everything figured out :)

    What I appreciate most right now is that me and my family are all in good health and that I was able to catch up with all of them recently to let them know I loved them. I’m looking forward to my visit with them in a few weeks and I’m super thankful that I have a supervisor and employer that lets me take an ample amount of time off to do that.

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    Well I am 27 and I can tell you I am far from having it all figured out. I will definitely admit that I have a lot more figured out than I did 5 yrs ago, but as we get older our problems evolve, we figure something out and something new comes along. A good reason to live in the present and not worry about what we have no control over!

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    I’m enjoying the last few times I get with my boyfriend. He won’t be here during the summer, which is the only time we get the most time together (long-distance relationship). And I’m enjoying the time I’m spending to start up my Jewelry Line :).

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    What a wonderful post, darling. It seems to me that, while there are times that are tough due to confusion and just not knowing what’s going on, figuring things out is the fun part. 😉

    I’m thankful and happy for so many things in my life. I love counting the small things, i.e. having the time to do everything I wish to do.

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    I couldn’t agree with you more! I just graduated college in December so I have had the same feelings you mentioned about wondering what your life will be like in the years to come. But life goes by too fast to always be thinking about the future, like you said, we need to live in the now and love the moment we are given! Thanks for the reminder. :)

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    Well clearly we are on the same page! I have sooo much trouble with always looking forward to what’s next and not enjoying the present. It’s something that I’m working on. It’s the worst to realize that you’ve looked forward to a certain event or time SO much, and then look up again and the moment has passed and you didn’t even savor it.

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    This is a great post! I spent all of last year planning to move to another state for university this year. I promised myself that ‘when I move to Melbourne’ I would be happy, care-free, have friends, be more social, etc., and used it as an excuse to stay out of the present moment. When plans took an unexpected turn and I had to stay in Adelaide and attend a local university, I was forced into the present moment and had to learn quickly to just be happy now. It was certainly a big wakeup call! We all need to learn to live in the present, because after all, the present moment is all we have.

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    You won’t have it figured out by 27, at least I didn’t! I’m very future oriented as well, but I’m making an effort to just be present. Actually, I should have included that in my own post today. Fail. Right now, as stressful as things are, I’m enjoying this moment of transition for John and I and soaking up our last weeks in New York: our town, our apartment, the flexibility of student life, teaching my last few Zumba classes, and appreciating the people and places in my life that won’t really be there anymore.

  20. says

    I am enjoying the ending of my college career! My last class was yesterday and just one final to go on Monday! I want to cherish these last two weeks not only in college but the city itself :)

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